New TRN VX 6BA+1DD Hybrid Metal In Ear Earphone IEM HIFI DJ Monitor Running Sport Earphone Earplug Headset Headplug

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  • Black with mic
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New TRN VX 6BA+1DD Hybrid Metal In Ear Earphone IEM HIFI DJ Monitor Running Sport Earphone Earplug Headset Headplug 




  1. Product Name:   TRN VX  1DD+6BA Hybrid Metal In Ear Earphone

 2. Brand:   TRN

  3. Model:   VX

  4. Earphone type: In-ear

 5. Impedance: 22Ω

 6. Earphone sensitivity: 107dB/mW

  7. Frequency range: 7-40000Hz

 8. Plug   Type  : 3.5mm   Straight Plug

  9.Cable Length: 1.25m

 10.Color:Midnight, Black,Green               

 11.Whether with cable: Yes 

 12.Earphone interface: 2Pin Interface

 13.Whether with mic: Optional

 14.Whether can replacement cable: Yes

 15.Driver unit: 6BA+1DD hybrid driver unit (Super-sized 10mm Diaphragm + Customed BA )

VX_01VX_02VX_03VX_04VX_05VX_06VX_07VX_08VX_09VX_09VX_10VX_11 VX-英-960 (12)VX_15VX_16 VX-英-960 (17)VX-英-960 (19)VX_18VX_12VX_20VX_21

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  1. Émeric Figuier

    Everything is fine, as a gift, the seller put a steep wire

    Émeric Figuier

  2. Germain Beaumont

    лично для меня немного не хватило басов, но это и не басхэдная модель, хотя после прослушивания в течении двух часов аклиматизировался, очень даже ничего. многое и от источника зависит.Зато высокие и средние просто топ. Уши хорошо подойдут для натуральных инструментов, великолепно классика звучит. В целом, очень интересная модель, доставит эмоции неискушённому аудиофилу. Кстати действительно критичны к качеству записи. Слушал в паре с shanling m2x Продовац дополнительно положил кабель Т4 и одну пару пенок, приятный бонус.

    Germain Beaumont

  3. Branda Goshorn

    Оплатил всё 11 ноября 2020, забирать в отделении почты можно было 6 января 2021. По трек номеру видно, что до Беларуси посылка дошла в течении 30 дней (2020-12-17 Arrive at destination country), долго растомаживалась, по всей видимости.
    Не смотря на всё это наушниками доволен как слон. Как только распаковал – решил прослушать пару композиций на плеере Hi-Fi FiiO X1 и залип на час. До сих пор сижу в этих наушниках, слушаю музыку, и пишу этот отзыв. И это все на непрогретых TRN и со стандартным кабелем с микрофоном. Что же будет дальше, когда они прокачаются и поставлю усиленный кабель золотистого цвета? 🙂
    Пользовался раньше наушниками HiFiMan RE-400, теперь вряд ли найду им применение, TRN играют намного лучше. 🙂
    Продавец с хорошим чувством юмора, спасибо ему большое. 😉 Единственное, к чему можно придраться, это попросил у продавца кабель черного/серого цвета, а прислали золотистый, как и было указано изначально. Но, это все мелочи. Покупкой очень доволен.

    Branda Goshorn

  4. Gayla Tincher

    Отличные наушники! Плюс подарок от продавца – провод TRN T4, за что ему отдельное Спасибо!

    Gayla Tincher

  5. Armaan Ellison

    Ears fire, the sound is very similar to V90, but they sound more fleshy and lighter than that. Especially chic with a T4. I listen to Fiio M6, very satisfied! Yes, I have an old transcent mp860, connecting these ears to it I’m just Ohh .. L guys, it’s just impossible! The volume and the scene of the sound broke me, it can not be passed by words! It feels like I’m wearing the full size of Sony’s flagship. I recommend the seller, everything is clear!

    Armaan Ellison

  6. Nour Hartman

    fast ship to Korea great quality and pretty clear sound you can choice this in same price for best

    Nour Hartman

  7. Sigmund Bruckmann

    Very fast shipment and delivery. In Taganrog came in two weeks. The seller answers questions, delivery is traced throughout the route both in China and in Russia. Packaging-a bag of пупырчатой film, everything went intact, boxes are not broken and not damaged. As a gift, the seller put an additional cable and one set of foam. I’m happy with the service, I recommend the seller.
    Headphones are excellent, a little warm-up and messing with the car and they really sound. Sufficiently detailed, clearly heard some tools, not lubricating in the “porridge”. Perfectly suitable for listening to rock, jazz, tooling, that is, where detail is important. Fans of electronic music will better choose headphones with more “dark” painted sound. The sound scene covers, does not press on the ears and brain. High, medium and low frequencies are clean and worked out carefully enough. The vocals are also worked out above all praise. An excellent choice for this money.

    Sigmund Bruckmann

  8. Lanie Edwin

    Headphones are very satisfied. I bought at discounts for 56 bucks. Delivery is super fast 12 days.

    Lanie Edwin

  9. Emmanuel Gillie

    Headphones delivered quickly, because. From a warehouse in Russia! The seller did not give a discount on the promotional code from one of the Russian technology viewers on yutuba, referring to the fact that that price and so low + shipping from Russia. But it didn’t upset me much, I thought, that as well as all the seller will put as a gift an additional cord and perhaps foam nozzles (I did not ask for it myself)! No additional cord, no attachments from the seller did not receive! Insulting. Apparently, I will have to buy a new cord myself)) pleases that the seller sent the headphones quickly. Now the headphones are connected to the player and listening. The flight is normal. Thank you to the seller, can with the next purchase what a bonus from him I will receive.

    Emmanuel Gillie

  10. Dieter Krist

    Took in the continuation of the V series, naturally after V90 these to the level above, the sound already 100 described the review, headphones are excellent, the seller is handsome, made a good discount, put gifts in the form of a cheholchik of branded and a set of foam from trn, definitely recommend, even at my request sent me headphones of dark blue color, Which he did not have on sale! P.S. A set of foam uncovered, they are in a case and there was another pair of foam

    Dieter Krist

  11. Enrique Lutz

    Delivery 20 days. For the gift, as a box-washer, thank you. What about the headphones themselves, initially the sound seems to be cutting and not usual, after 4 hours of adjustment, warm-up and addictive headphones opened in general in another way, the sound became clean, detailed, so also for their money almost right. The form is economically correct, passive noise insulation is good. The color is darker than in the photo. General conclusion: “Best Headphones up to 100 $” for those who understand, вчфобам not much will enter these headphones

    Enrique Lutz

  12. Rudolf Kirsch

    I bought them specifically for a bundle with the TRN bt20s pro adapter, I was not mistaken with the choice. I’m happy with the sound. Look together, as a native kit.

    Rudolf Kirsch

  13. Lisabeth Brennen

    As a gift gave foam nozzles and cable

    Lisabeth Brennen

  14. Shanda Gatling

    Эти наушники попробовал с FiiO m6, – звук просто супер. Нереальный. Я в восторге. Басы качают, детальность на высоте, уши не болят.

    Shanda Gatling

  15. Cassey Odle

    отличные детальные мягкие наушники по звуку какрас такие были нужны для чистого детального звучания ! хочу отметить что в комплекте был хороший провод с отличными коннекторами не как на фото в отзывах тут коннекторы здесь удобные не грубые и не из железа а удобные и прозрачные все доработано даже прислали в подарок амбушуры пенки тоесть наушники + провод+ пенки очень доволен заказом от этого производителя ! ушки чуть надо прогреть часа 3 может и всё замечательно ! буду слушать наслаждаться живой гармоничной музыкой ! ведь вибрации влияют на нас ! провод мягкий не путаеться силиконовые трубки на заушинах мягкие и гибкие их почти не ощющаешь ⚛️ достойные наушники для умиротворения

    Cassey Odle

  16. Savannah Brotherton

    Very nice quality!!! I ordered a version with a microphone. As a gift put a branded case and blue foam ear pads with a memory effect. If you listen to vocals, stand out all the letters “C”, the hearing does not cut just notice it! But the tool sounds very detailed! I forward all my favorite albums “again” )))

    Savannah Brotherton

  17. Kathi Okamura

    Purchased goods 11.11, 12.11 It was shipped and already 22.11 took in the mail. Very fast shipping! Headphones really liked, sound excellent + metal Green case adds them solidity. Their native cable is so for themselves, but was very surprised that the seller added another to the parcel, A thicker and better cable, with it headphones sound even better. Thank you to the seller, I’m already thinking about ordering a BT module to these ears)

    Kathi Okamura

  18. Anacleto Adornetto

    The seller is sociable and answers instantly. In the orders of the anniversary edition ended but the seller reported that he would put them. The parcel sent in a few hours after payment. Got it in 24 days. In Ukraine via meest Express. Packed in selafan with a navel. All the whole box did not crumble. As a gift I put a cover and a couple of foam ear pads. The appearance is just a gun. Light metal case in silver color is something. By the sound then add. For a price of $54.52 on sale-perfect! I advise the seller and ears.

    Anacleto Adornetto

  19. Verline Cordon

    Fast shipping. The quality is excellent.

    Verline Cordon

  20. Ted Basye

    Sent the next day. I got there longer than usual because of Black Friday. Headphones at the first turn on I was disappointed. The sound was a fussy bass was not enough and high was Shailly. But after warming, everything disappeared as it was not. Headphones seemed to me aggressive and detailed with a slope in naturalness. It is a pity that gifts did not put and so the seller advise 🙂

    Ted Basye

  21. Efan Wharton

    Все норм, продавцу спасибо за трн т4 Сами уши пока хз, слушаю прогреваю. Через месяц еще мб отпишу по впечатлениям. Первые – норм.

    Efan Wharton

  22. Kawano Tanyu

    Shvidko going out-shvidko came
    Salesman dodav U podarunok drit T4 for the SHCH I’m Duge vdyachniy! After hearing Z ridnim cable and Dodanim sound on T4 дійсно edge, it is possible to recommend the goods, so and seller

    Kawano Tanyu

  23. Debbie Tanner

    Good girls for their reception. The salesman poclav cable TRN T4 and a pair of Pinney ear cups in the kit, for the SHCH of the YOI great spasibi. At vukhah, vushniki Z piniem ear plugs in isolation do not run out. The sound of the multiple glib night at the old Xiaomi piston 3, and the shared enemy edge. I recommend Dani navushniki ale tyulki Z pinkie ear shots. I’m forward with my ear plugs and just fantastic.

    Debbie Tanner

  24. Speranzio Bartolone

    It looks and sounds good. The mid-high range is especially good.

    Speranzio Bartolone

  25. Alfredo Lamanna

    Всё соответствует описанию. Доставка быстрая. Всём доволен. Наушники действительно стоят своих денег. Продавцу удачи и побольше заказов.

    Alfredo Lamanna

  26. Fritz Filippi

    Description exact. Earphone seperately
    Bought from the distance. The set turned out very worthy. Recommend

    Fritz Filippi

  27. Lelah Pelosi

    Fone excepcional! Com certeza é um belo upgrade pra quem tem o KZ ZS10Pro por exemplo. Agudos na medida, bem doces e arejados, presença nos subgraves sem deixar que invada outras frequências. Chegou muito rápido no Brasil, 8 dias úteis e ainda veio com o cabo T4 de brinde!

    Lelah Pelosi

  28. Devon Huntoon

    Fast shipment. Packed in pupyrku. Delivery to Moscow 15 days. Headphones just fire!!! As if I was sent not headphones but new ears. I felt the effect of wow. The seller put as a gift a cover for headphones. The seller is good! 10 stars!!!

    Devon Huntoon

  29. Adella Tarry

    Excellent. Is beating full low clearly high, is a fast and with average vibrant. It can not please the Road World

    Adella Tarry

  30. Franchesca Schwebach

    Headphones of good workmanship. The sound is quite detailed with a non-blocking bass of sufficient depth. Shipping fast. The seller put as a gift foam nozzles and a cable TRN-TC, for which he thanks!

    Franchesca Schwebach

  31. Thibault Silvestre

    Delivered in a week. The quality of the performance is excellent, like the sound quality.

    Thibault Silvestre

  32. Mahi Reid

    купил и не жалею , эти уши стоят на много дороже , слушаю по блютус с aptX .

    Mahi Reid

  33. Gérald Courbet

    Рекомендую посмотреть видео обзор на ютуб канале WeBESToP. Спасибо Вам. Thanks you. I recommend to watch the video review on WeBESToP YouTube channel

    Gérald Courbet

  34. Aamir Boyd

    By the sound of the best I ‘ve heard, so I decided to try a niche of headphones of a higher segment and I’m very happy about it I’m listening through the smartphone so far in plans to take a whistle or player, but even so the sound is incredible

    Aamir Boyd

  35. Lorean Soni

    He arrived in less than a month. Peru.
    It was delivered by Urbano. Color, type, correct packing. Without any fault. The seller was quick too.

    Lorean Soni

  36. Joseph Garreau

    Excellent headphones, came for a month, tracked in Russia.

    Joseph Garreau

  37. Carla Poole

    Отличные уши. Шли с подарочным кабелем в подарок от продавца. Сразу же сменил шнур на некомплектный посеребренный. Звучат отлично. Поиграв с эквалайзером на своем iBasso DX90 получил именно тот звук, который хотел. За такую цену – однозначный мастхэв.

    Carla Poole

  38. Niam Mullins

    Продавец вложил доп кабель за 1045р. Но я брал модель без микрофона и по факту теперь у меня 2кабеля с олинаковыми функциями. Зачем? Одному ему известно… Наушники интересные по звучанию но не ждите от них обьемного мидбаса. Там, где в записи есть бас все будет. Посте tfz titan2 звучит все настолько стерильно что прям неочень. Акцент на высоких и детализации. Не скажу что доволен как чорт. Модель просто хороша как гибрид и по этому отлична от моно динамика в 13мм у tfz. Новый опыт получен. Есть запах!!!! Стандарный кабель пахнет как подошва у новой обуви. Тот что добавили в подарок пахнет как завод по переработке отходов пластмассы штырит так что группу Tool можно не только ощутить но и потрогать.

    Niam Mullins

  39. Alisa Watts

    Super! Transparency! Need quality records. Bass more in bgvp DMG. oddly enough… The feeling of immersion in the middle of the orchestra. Tools play clearly! While delighted! Thank you! Ordered extra. Wire for 5 bucks. Read reviews.

    Alisa Watts

  40. Patty Balser

    Очень быстрая доставка, наушники достоины своего сегмента. Не всем подойдут под ушную раковину, технология крепления неоднозначная, окружающие слышат, что у вас играет. Звук чистый, меломаннский, наушники требовательны к сигналу. Привет знаменитому ютуберу поднявшемуся репутацию данного продукта. Продавец сделал скидку в 10 бачей, отправил без подарка и на том огромное спасибо и удачи в развитии продукта.

    Patty Balser

  41. Demarcus Mcmullen

    Headphones are cool. Passed on this miracle with TRN v80. The first impression is deceptive, it seems that there is no difference. After 3 days the difference on the face. VX cleaner at the top and deeper in the middle, cooler stereo effect, especially if the wire is connected differently to the left right and vice versa)) and the first thing to throw is a bass. It is cool fast deep with fast difination and attenuation. I was afraid that the fittings would carry out the brain HF but there is no balance is just cool. And it’s hard to get used to ergonomics first, but then you appreciate it. The salesman did a little talking, but I think it’s more of a pandemic than him. The TRN T4 wire as a gift is cool even though I have a wire from TRN cooler. But ATP.

    Demarcus Mcmullen

  42. Kholmatzhon Daniarov

    The goods went almost a month. Packed qualitatively. Thanks to the seller for the gift cord, straight pleased, he is much more native black. Well, everything remains to warm your ears and enjoy the sound

    Kholmatzhon Daniarov

  43. Clarita Pursell

    Fast shipping. Very good IEMs. Thank you seller! Доставка 11 дней на Урал. Качественные мониторы, по звучанию выигрывают у Westone UM3X! Спасибо продавцу!

    Clarita Pursell

  44. Benoît Cortot

    Convenient headphones, excellent sound, the cable in the kit is immediately replaced with a better quality

    Benoît Cortot

  45. Della Drew

    Short headphones were impressed.
    I far from music and headphones bought as a headset to the smartphone Asus Max Pro M2, to zayusal ears from Marshall mode eq.
    As soon as I put VX ears, wow effect on sound quality, it turned out that I have good records on my smart. In general, the bay on listening to music for a few hours. I did not expect that it could be so voluminous and clear sound on in-ear headphones. I imagine that they can give out these ears with a normal player and high-quality records.
    The build quality at the height (the material is aluminum similar), in the ears lie very convenient, noise insulation in transport is good. An additional cable was attached in the kit, but I do not use it because it without a microphone.
    The quality of the microphone is very good, the interlocutors hear clearly, without any interference, sometimes they don’t believe I’m talking outside.
    I definitely recommend to buy.

    Della Drew

  46. Ira Forster

    9 дней до Нижнего Новгорода!Шикарно!Наушники отличные ,взял их чтобы вкатиться в околохайфай.Сразу скажу ,что обычный смартфон типа айфона не раскроет их,но все равно будет ощущение что вам «открыли уши» после затычек за $10.Ставлю 5 звёзд ,только зачем-то испачкали говном

    Ira Forster

  47. Xose Mendez

    Deal has been completed successfully. Сделка прошла успешно.

    Xose Mendez

  48. Iside Casaletto

    Took only 9 days to receive, very nice of seller to include upgrade cable T4 & foam tips as free gifts. First time trying TRN iem, details are clear and bass is just nice for me.

    Iside Casaletto

  49. Jaqueline Phipps

    Ordered 11.11.2020. The parcel to Ukraine for the department came on 22.11.2020. The seller additionally put the cable and a set of foam (on them and listen).
    The parcel was tracked constantly, there are no problems in quality and completeness. Many thanks to the seller, everything is clear. I recommend the seller, thank you very much.

    Jaqueline Phipps

  50. Takako Ream

    Pradevets-sociable and class, palozhil in padarok cable TRN 4 and foam separately from the main order!!! For which he many thanks! I recommend pradovets!

    Takako Ream