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JINHENG New Mini Drone XT6 4K 1080P HD Camera WiFi Fpv Air Pressure Altitude Hold Foldable Quadcopter RC Drone Kid Toy GIft

(50 customer reviews)

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  • 1080P 1B Box
  • SingleCamera 4K Box
  • DualCamera 4K Box
  • 1080P 1B Bag
  • Single 4K 1B Bag
  • Single 4K 2B Bag
  • Single 4K 3B Bag
  • Dual 4K 1B Bag
  • Dual 4K 2B Bag
  • Dual 4K 3B Bag
  • Nocamera 1B
  • Single 4K Box 3B
  • Dual 4K Box 3B
  • China
  • Poland
  • Russian Federation

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Based on 50 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. Oscar Álvarez

    Really small. It’s a fly!!! :o)))))))))))))
    Remains to test …………….

    Oscar Álvarez

  2. Chae Jiang

    This plane is very beautiful. I like it very much. It’s very convenient to operate.

    Chae Jiang

  3. Ildefonso Sollami

    Quickly arrived, looks good

    Ildefonso Sollami

  4. Emmanuel Gillie

    The transport speed of product is soon. I ‘ve not to a fast delivery thought, but it was very useful. I’ll also one for me. All recommend

    Emmanuel Gillie

  5. Emma Carra

    A very nice drone, it is recommended to start, the flight ability is quite beautiful, I am glad

    Emma Carra

  6. Gérald Noir

    The individual comes with the same described. <2en> reliable seller, quick reply, fast delivery (12) days. Teşekkürler.

    Gérald Noir

  7. Winston Hyde

    Everything is in order, the order went less than the time, all is well packed and no harm

    Winston Hyde

  8. Fritz Filippi

    All is OK, all came as the description. Good seller.

    Fritz Filippi

  9. Isadora Heer

    заказывал ребёнку на новый год, брал без камеры и с 1 батареей, первый раз пользуемся дроном. так сказать по тренироваться. игрушка интересная, качество на высоте. выдерживает удары об стену и падения. но от ударов края лопастей портятся, на фото видно, из за этого видимо стал уходитт в сторону, плюс наматывает на оси винтов мусор, периодически чищу. сын освоил быстро, теперь просит с камерой. на сколько хватает батареи не скажу точно но больше 10 минут, видимо в виду отсутствия камеры. дрон в сложенном виде компактный. с управлением не сразу разобрались, даже включить сразу не получилосьа так игрушка стоит своих денег, не пожалел о покупке.

    Isadora Heer

  10. Ted Basye

    Perfect, as in the description of the seller, naturally very delicate, super light and divertentissimo

    Ted Basye

  11. Wendelin Jonas

    Everything perfect, very good communication with the seller, the order arrived very fast

    Wendelin Jonas

  12. Craig Piro

    Until now happy, in advance arrived, easy to attach. Good buy. Recommended

    Craig Piro

  13. Finn Junkermann

    I have now downloaded a drone simulator app to learn how to fly it properly before I break something. Looks to be better than I thought it was and everything works as expected. Loving this one and will buy upgrade soon.

    Finn Junkermann

  14. Prudence Rodden


    Prudence Rodden

  15. Émeric Figuier

    It all came up, it was packed, everything is whole, everything works, the camera is so-so, as long as I disassembled once 20 herachilo against the wall, I achrenel but the drone did not crash, continues to work as well

    Émeric Figuier

  16. Samirah Hood

    Small, compact, in a convenient case. Both cameras work, the recording quality is not suitable for a large screen, but the son is happy

    Samirah Hood

  17. Ellie Julius

    This is a great drone for those who want to be more advanced than toy drones without cameras and difficult to control, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on many fancy things. All in all, this is a very good drone.

    Ellie Julius

  18. Susann Masson

    One thing to note is that the Wi-Fi live streaming video source of the phone is completely based on the phone. If your phone is older and cheaper, and Wi-Fi is normal, you cannot fly on the camera alone. In short, the better the phone, the better the frame rate.

    Susann Masson

  19. Patty Balser

    I bought this drone having no experience flying. After watching a few online tutorials and the ease of use with this drone I am comfortable flying this in most environments. The distance, software, battery, and camera are the most amazing features of the. The camera is amazing and how smooth the videos are.

    Patty Balser

  20. Alpha Um

    I’m new to flying drones – in the past i would play with cheap drones i bought or owned by friends, but run over them more than anyone – it was hard to get rid of the controller-j decided to spend the money from the start, This drone is very easy to fly – many different options are programmed on the drone, you can fly, record video or take photos and look almost like an expert even though my wife treats me impressed!

    Alpha Um

  21. Gianmaria De Sario

    After flying this drone for several days, I must say I am so impressed. It’s my first drone, easy to use and ready to go! The controls are easy to use and quick to learn. The camera works great! It allows for superb photography without needing a lot of setup or configuration. If you are just starting to learn to fly drones, I highly recommend this drone! 06 Jul 2020

    Gianmaria De Sario

  22. Moriya Masanobu

    Ausgezeichnet oder ein Produkt von ausgezeichneter Qualität, Liebe

    Moriya Masanobu

  23. Bonnie Montes

    Works perfectly. Drone body is fairly solid by showing camera also equally this information.

    Bonnie Montes

  24. Lisabeth Brennen

    Everything is as advertised and expected. There is no onboard memory, but the pictures and recorded videos on the phone look good. 

    Lisabeth Brennen

  25. Alfonso Villapol

    The handling performance is superior, as described. It is a gift for my child. He likes it and can get started quickly. Customer service and technical staff are very enthusiastic and highly motivated to resolve issues.

    Alfonso Villapol

  26. Debbie Tanner

    The quality is super good, fast delivery. I recommend it

    Debbie Tanner

  27. Valtena Amodei

    fast delivery.
    high quality

    Valtena Amodei

  28. Mammie Aguiniga

    Arrived early, TA working perfectly, just know read the manual of all right

    Mammie Aguiniga

  29. Xose Mendez

    Today we got a drone,all delivered in excellent condition.everything works,the camera shoots well,i recommend the seller,very long chose from whom to order and did not lose… I like it

    Xose Mendez

  30. Della Drew

    Yes, the reviews written by the curve language seem to be written by the seller himself. My feedback is real. I am very pleased with the purchase!
    So, ordered and received an option with 3 batteries, one 4 K camera and a bag. Would order with 1080p, but this kit is not offered. In general, the copper flies and shoots. Flight time is only a few minutes. It’s not in one place, it’s a movement around the apartment. What’s with the video that without-time is the same. It seems that the camera is always turned on and she does not care if you get a signal from it or not. After that, the battery has been charging for 2 hours, but the red diode does not extinguish. I charge from the USB port. Maybe from the bank will be faster.
    The drone is very stable, with a little experience you can fly around the apartment quietly. The barometer is and definitely works, because. The drone immediately reacts to opening the closure of the front door and it kicks to the ceiling and to the floor, respectively. Without such drops, it keeps the height well.

    Della Drew

  31. Lorean Soni

    I’m in perfect shape. Now I have to prove the only complaint I have is k sent me 3 protector I’m missing 1 with the rest everything is perfect.

    Lorean Soni

  32. Demarcus Mcmullen

    The product took 10 days. It’s just like the description. I bought the drone without a camera and it works great. It has good stability and handling. It’s got a little bump, but it’s because it’s too light and the wind destabilizes it a little. For indoor it works well. Bring propeller protections to keep them from breaking. The battery lasts about 10 minutes. It takes little 100 minutes to load completely. But it’s because of the charging cable it brings, it’s very thin. I tried another cable and it took 25 minutes to charge the 500mAh. I will leave more comments in the future.

    Demarcus Mcmullen

  33. Yuvraj Wolf

    The parcel arrived quickly as usual. Nothing to say that did the second one equipped with a 4K camera. Quality of video sequences at the Top, supplied with 3 batteries especially if you use video recording is very useful because the video quite greedy in autonomy. Accessories a pair of helix, and 4 bumper supplied with without forgetting the screwdriver, I love the concept of radio control with the storage of the 2 backup batteries. Android app works perfectly. Thank you very much the seller is listening very responsive

    Yuvraj Wolf

  34. Rosalie Robertson

    I always wanted to take a drone,but I did not know when to go,because I thought I could not afford it.Not so long ago,I decided to try,because it is not expensive.As a beginner,I know little,but I will say that I play with a drone and fly around the house.This is amazing.

    Rosalie Robertson

  35. Korey Wu

    I am looking forward to first flight.

    Korey Wu

  36. Branda Goshorn

    Excellent, the product arrived in exactly 1 month, I tried it and it works great.

    Branda Goshorn

  37. Major Woodrum

    Excellent, qualitatively made! For the first such toy is a very good device to coach. Obedient, exactly worth it, in flight predictable and understandable. In the apartment norms flies if neatly! Satisfied, the cat too (runs after it) delivery just over a month in Khabarovsk.

    Major Woodrum

  38. Graham Rankin

    Der Versand des Produktes ist so schnell. Ich habe nicht mit dieser schnellen Lieferung gerechnet, aber das ist großartig. Ich werde auch noch eine für mich bestellen. Allen empfohlen.

    Graham Rankin

  39. Diedra Spath

    The goods were delivered quickly, everything corresponds to the description, the seller is sociable. Feedback will be complemented after peeling and outside the house.

    Diedra Spath

  40. Fukumoto Shusake

    Very fast delivery (less than 1 week) lightweight packaging (single bubble paper around the pouch) complete (pouch, drone, radio, phone holder, 3 batteries, USB charger, bumper for propellers, 2 spare propellers, screwdriver, manual in English/Chinese)
    Easy phone Connection in WiFi (QRcode to download the right app) for fpv and Advanced Control (video/photo recording, cam changing, vr mode, activation of photo mode by gesture, drone control: flight path, flip, headless, motion control of such, Maintains altitude)
    The radio offers many of these functions (3 LR03 AAA batteries).
    Batteries charged in 50/60 min each.
    By cons, the quality of the video disappointed me, although fluid, the 4k looks more like SD (recorded in 1080). The range of the signal is when it is large enough outdoors (not yet measured).
    The drone itself is stable and manageable, more than 10 m of flying fast enough for about 5 min.

    Fukumoto Shusake

  41. Gérald Courbet

    Fast Shipping & than expected early received. Packaging for safe and easy to carry because handbag tool the bought. Accessories is complete, make sure and spare fan blade for handing led to high seller Thank you!!! Drone’s quality is very good. Drone beginner’s manual after reading WiFi connect that makes it perfect control. I believe this product 100% recommend, awesome!!!

    Gérald Courbet

  42. Kathi Okamura

    At the TOP TOP TOP, super Drone very stable good quality, tested at home really nothing to say, so I ordered another with 3 batteries history to play longer, I did not believe my eyes the stability of this drone, I highly recommend this product year really closed eyes. Thank you the very nice seller responds quickly is very responsive and professional,

    Kathi Okamura

  43. Shanda Gatling

    Amazing price value, the drone is stable and fly really easily, the controls are intuitive and sensitive to the right point, the parcel will arrived perfectly intact and I haven’t encountered no damage, the camera is good and application connected is simple but functional. The seller was quick and the product arrived on schedule. Super recommended!

    Shanda Gatling

  44. Efan Wharton

    The quality is super good, fast delivery. Very beautiful, happy, I recommend it

    Efan Wharton

  45. Liberatore Accordino

    All very well, same as the description very happy with the product, it is missing to rehearse but I think it will be OK

    Liberatore Accordino

  46. Alfredo Lamanna

    Terrific! When battery if would like EE flight time this short sound

    Alfredo Lamanna

  47. Joseph Garreau

    Drone is really beautiful, flying fast, camera function is really powerful, camera shooting is very clear ah, my children also like it very much, it is worth buying.

    Joseph Garreau

  48. Vladimiro De Angelo

    I am very happy with this second buy. I recommend this shop!

    Vladimiro De Angelo

  49. Takako Ream

    Excellent quality, very Yurky and fast.

    Takako Ream

  50. Marlen Akhmetov

    The shipment arrived perfect, well packed the drone box arrived without bumps. The drone works perfectly after downloading the application according to instructions. Communication with the seller is very efficient and fast.

    Marlen Akhmetov