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SVBONY 1.25″ 0.5X Focal Reducer M28.5*0.6 Barlow Lens for Astronomy Monocular Binoculars Telescope Eyepiece Photography&Observin

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1.25″ Focal Reducer x 0.5 for Astronomy Telescope Monocular Binoculars Eyepiece Photography & Observing Focal Reducer

Main Features:

1, Fully Metal construction design 2, 1.25″ 0.5x Focal Reducer for Telescope Eyepiece Plossl lens 3, Fully anti-reflection coatings on all air-glass surfaces for increased contrast 4, 2 element optical design with fully multi-coated optics 5, Besides the male thread, it also has female thread at the rear end to fit filters etc 6, The focal reducer is great for visual use for a bigger FOV and is indispensable when CCD imaging 7, This lens was packed in a high quality plastic storage case

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1 x 1.25″ 0.5x Focal Reducer

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  1. Aamir Boyd

    It was on ground sites. It’s all good to see. The picture is clear and bright.
    With a 32mm eyepiece, it is better not to use, with 21mm and less-excellent.

    Aamir Boyd

  2. Graham Rankin

    Hi I get the order very quickly and well
    Thank you for your service and attention

    Graham Rankin

  3. Adella Tarry

    Come da descrizione. Arrivato in 25 giorni. Venditore consigliato.

    Adella Tarry

  4. Carla Poole

    As long as the look is good. It’s a pity, cloud, not to check.

    Carla Poole

  5. Niam Mullins

    Looks great. Now I’m waiting for clear sky to testing with mak127.

    Niam Mullins

  6. Cindi Mcfarlin

    El envío fue rápido. Producto de acuerdo a la descripción.

    Cindi Mcfarlin

  7. Renesmae Knapp

    Very fast delivery as always Svbony do , excellent quality price product

    Renesmae Knapp

  8. Ildefonso Sollami

    Good quality fast

    Ildefonso Sollami

  9. Kathi Okamura

    Very good, excellent acquisition. Seller send very fast. Recommend

    Kathi Okamura

  10. Vladimiro De Angelo

    Ha llegado en perfectas condiciones. Me encantan los productos que he comprado de SVBONY.

    Vladimiro De Angelo

  11. Emmanuel Gillie

    What you need. Compared with 2x Barlow, the difference is significant. Fast shipping.

    Emmanuel Gillie

  12. Oscar Álvarez

    As always good quality, this is the second reference that I bought in sv bony. Fast shipping, lens always mounted to the back, you will have to unscrew the inner ring to return the lens and be able to use it. Apart from that very good product.

    Oscar Álvarez

  13. Cassey Odle

    Nog niet getest maar ziet er kwaliteit uit.

    Cassey Odle

  14. Wendi Raver

    Nice little focal reducer with bright light transmission. There is some deformation along the borders, particularily with long focal eyepieces, but I think is much more noticeable in fast telescopes with large aperture. My old f15 refractor goes pretty good with this lens. I have to try it with camera on the moon.

    Wendi Raver

  15. Jaqueline Phipps

    The goods came safely and safely, delivered the courier to the house, packed all tightly and well, the seller recommend, there are small shortcomings from the outside of the case, observations are not as not affected, there is enlightening, achromat all as in the description, there are small distortion of the image along the edges with the eyepiece svbonnie 20mm, 66 deg is not critical, the product is satisfied, I definitely recommend.

    Jaqueline Phipps

  16. Bonnie Montes

    при использовании с 25 мм окуляром даёт очень сильную кому

    Bonnie Montes

  17. Franchesca Schwebach

    Franchesca Schwebach

  18. Émeric Figuier

    Works great, fast shipping

    Émeric Figuier

  19. Klemens Totleben

    Good quality optics and in very good condition.

    Klemens Totleben

  20. Maariya Kramer

    Arrived early, took only 15 days. Congratulations to the customer service and commitment.

    Maariya Kramer

  21. Joseph Garreau

    Все олично!

    Joseph Garreau

  22. Aliya Fernandez

    This focal reducer, for the price you have you can’t expect wonders, I actually bought it for visual and astrophotography, in visual it presents quite an aberration on the sides, for astrophotography I wasn’t able to focus with the SLR camera because the focus system is short, Like the camera should be inside the telescope, I don’t rule out that I can still fix it somehow and maybe for a CCD camera if it works even though I suspect latrural aberrations will not be corrected. My telescope is a Newton Sky-Watcher D254/F1.200mm.

    Aliya Fernandez

  23. Sigmund Bruckmann

    Perfect seller

    Sigmund Bruckmann

  24. Aasiyah Haney

    I recommend all products on this page

    Aasiyah Haney

  25. Winston Hyde

    Winston Hyde

  26. Coleen Dragon

    Perfect! I will try it on my 127 mak with my EOS M100

    Coleen Dragon

  27. Della Drew


    Della Drew

  28. Lanie Edwin

    It works well.

    Lanie Edwin

  29. Sarina Santos

    Not reduces the focal length, and worsens the picture

    Sarina Santos

  30. Kawano Tanyu

    Kawano Tanyu

  31. Jannette Wilmes

    Cheap and incredible fast. Very good!

    Jannette Wilmes

  32. Fukumoto Shusake

    Everything is quality. And very fast.

    Fukumoto Shusake

  33. Derrick Sclafani

    The lens came a little loose and I had to squeeze it by turning the inner ring. I hope it’s not out of line.

    Derrick Sclafani

  34. Alpha Um

    Visible image meets with

    Alpha Um

  35. Olevia Lauder

    Buena calidad

    Olevia Lauder

  36. Takako Ream


    Takako Ream

  37. Samirah Hood

    Excelentes los productos que he comprado hasta ahora de la casa SBony, y este uno más de sus buenos productos a excelentes precios.

    Samirah Hood

  38. Gérald Noir

    Gérald Noir

  39. Gayla Tincher

    All OK and fast delivery.

    Gayla Tincher

  40. Devon Huntoon


    Devon Huntoon

  41. Savannah Brotherton

    Good focal reducer.

    Savannah Brotherton

  42. Branda Goshorn

    Branda Goshorn

  43. Lorean Soni

    every thing ok, superfast good quality

    Lorean Soni

  44. Finn Junkermann

    I want to try the product, but I am waiting that will be good.

    Finn Junkermann

  45. Starr Lheureux

    Good product.

    Starr Lheureux

  46. Lelah Pelosi

    Plan to return the lens yourself

    Lelah Pelosi

  47. Reiko Jeanlouis

    The problem with this lens is that introduces a lot of aberrations. I’ve tried it with a small sensor CMOS camera (QHY5III462C) and the results are awful. Perhaps the visual experience will be better

    Reiko Jeanlouis

  48. Clarita Pursell

    Clarita Pursell

  49. Miriam Perry

    The goods arrived intact

    Miriam Perry

  50. Windy Milnes

    all good

    Windy Milnes

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