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Xiaomi 3D Men Electric Shaver Razor Enchen BlackStone3 IPX7 Waterproof

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Xiaomi PINJING Electric Razor Shaver Wireless 3D Smart Razor Shaver USB Charging IPX7 Waterproof 3 Head LED Display for Men ES3

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Pinjing 3D intelligent shaver

Smart shaving knows what you need

3-Blade smooth veneer | intelligent anti pinch | full body washing USB fast charging

Intelligent control gives you more comfortable shaving experience

In a fast-paced urban life, shaving should also be efficient and clean. Pinjing 3D intelligent control razor adopts intelligent

control system and intelligent LED display to take good care of every step, with clear operation information and better

understanding of your needs. Intelligent control, fast shaving, help you easily open the daily refreshing state

The 3-Blade is independent and 3-way floating. It can flexibly change the angle according to different beard growth direction

and facial contour. It can shave smoothly and quickly. Even the corners of the mouth, jaw, neck and other hard to shave areas

can be easily shaved

Double ring Sabre net must be fast

Double ring cutter net design increases the contact area between cutter net and face, and effectively improves shaving

efficiency. With tight teeth and sharp blades, all kinds of soft, fine and hard beard can be easily shaved, clean and tidy

without stubble.

Blade and cutter net are made of steel imported from Japan. They are sharp without sticking

Automatic grinding without frequent tool change

In each shaving process, the blade and the cutter net are grinded to each other, so that the sharper the blade is, the cleaner

the beard instantly. At the same time, the cutter head does not need to be changed frequently, which is durable.

High speed double gear adjustment

Thick beard can be easily handled

According to the shaving needs of different groups of people, there are two shaving modes: high speed and extreme speed,

which can be easily adjusted by pressing for 3 seconds. Even if the beard is thick, there is no need to worry. Using the fast

mode can quickly clean the beard, saving time and convenience. And has the automatic shift memory function, for you to

automatically open the familiar whisker mode.

Double intelligence to keep shaving safe and assured

Intelligent monitoring of electric quantity. When the electric quantity is insufficient, the power can be reduced steadily to

prevent whisker. When the cutter head is obstructed, it can also be stopped for protection. Dual intelligent protection gives

you a more secure shaving experience.

Ipx7 full body waterproof support dry and wet double shaving

With ipx7 waterproof design and one key opening, the cutter head and the body can be directly washed underwater, which

is quick and easy. After shaving, it can be washed easily to prevent bacteria growth and make skin more sterile and healthy.

Intelligent travel lock to avoid wrong startup

The travel lock can be opened during travel or business trip to prevent power consumption or other dangerous situations

caused by misstarting.

Push out knife

Easy to trim corners and long beard

For sideburns and long beard, it is not suitable for shaving directly, so it needs to be pruned. Pinjing 3D intelligent shaver

with push-out sideburns, a push, press the key, you can easily trim.

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    Super thing


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    Hello! I received an electric shaver. Nice device. It fully complies with the declared characteristics. Tried shaving – clean. Does not pluck, shaved on dry stubble and using foam. Things are good. Washed under running water. The top cover to protect the surface leaves an unpleasant impression – it is generally not made correctly. Not fixed. The trimmer is present solely for visibility – functionally unsuitable. Very bad knives. But on the whole, the device leaves a favorable impression. Thanks to the seller for the prompt dispatch. The package was tracked while driving. Recommended for those who need a razor on the road or to quickly clean up their face when there is no time or desire to lather and shave with a razor.


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    Came to Ukraine in 2 weeks. Took it in the new mail. For your money, a great thing. I thought there would be irritation due to use, but as it turned out to be less than the use of an ordinary machine. A separate respect for the fact that you can shave on dry (as for me it’s even better, since on wet small hairs stick to the face) 2 modes. The only negative is the charging connector-it is not standard, if you lose the charging cable, it will be difficult to find it later.


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